Haubenspüler TOP(Isoliert) Grosse Ansicht

Haubenspüler TOP (Isoliert)

CHF 6'144.20
  • Haubenspülmaschine mit doppelwandiger, isolierter Haube
  • 3 Spülprogramme
  • Klarspülmitteldosierpumpe
  • Reinigungsmitteldosierpumpe
  • 80 Körbe/Stunde

9.9 kW 400V 3N 50 Hz
B x T x H 667x755x1567 / 1913 mm

Zubehör inbegriffen:
867007 - Korb (Kunststoff, blau) für Tassen / Mokkatassen, Fassungsvermögen: 24 / 48 Tassen, 1 Stk.
867002 - Korb (Kunststoff, gelb) für flache Teller / Untertassen, Fassungsvermögen: 18 Teller, D=240 mm oder 27 Untertassen, D=150 mm, 1 Stk.
864242 - Gelber Besteckbehälter, 2 Stk.


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304 Stainless steel construction to include double skin insulated hood, external, front and side panels, wash tank, tank filter plus wash and rinse arms. Uses 2 liters of clean water per final rinse cycle. 84°C rinse temperature and pressure guaranteed by built in atmospheric boiler and built in rinse booster pump. Washing performance is guaranteed by a powerful 0.8 kW wash pump and upper and lower stainless steel revolving washing spray arms. Unit to feature Guaranteed Rinse System (ACTIVE) led light. Green light will indicate that all items washed have been properly rinsed. Advanced Filtering System removes majority of soil from the wash water. The unit shall include drain pump, detergent and rinse aid dispenser pumps and is equipped with flexible fill hoses. Convertible from straight to corner operation and delivered on height-adjustable feet.

  • Korbgrösse 500x500 mm
  • 12 Teller, D=300 mm
  • mit feinmaschigem Boden
  • ca. 100 Besteckteile
  • mit Facheinteilung für 16 Besteckbehälter (gelb), enthalten !
  • ca. 240 Besteckteile