Konvektionsofen 3x GN 2/3 Grosse Ansicht

Konvektionsofen 3x GN 2/3

CHF 1'971.40
  • Umluftofen
  • 2.6 kW

230V 1N 50 Hz
B x T x H 550x410x334 mm


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External panelling, door, sides and top in stainless steel. Door with tempered glass and silicone seal. Oven chamber with rounded corners and lighting. Heating via armoured elements positioned near the convector unit. Temperature control from 50° to 250°C. Timer from 0 to 120 minutes; at the end of the set time the heating elements and fan are automatically cut off and an audible warning given. Button for manual steam injection. Grid supports are removable. Supplied with n. 1x2/3GN enamelled pan and n. 1x2/3GN grid.